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About our company

MADINA SUPER SHOP (Madina costcutter) is the extended business of its parent company MADINA Trade International. And also an associate of MADINA Food & Beverage.

Bakery products like breads, cakes, muffins, biscuits, buns, doughnuts ,cookies etc are very popular among the people of Bangladesh and are commonly used. With the rapid industrialization of the country, increase in population, modernization and change in food habits, the demand for these products is ever increasing. With a view to produce and supply nutritious, hygienic and high quality bread, biscuit and other bakery products to the people of Bangladesh, Mr. Fazle Ajim Parvez, a young entrepreneur of Sherpur and Proprietor of Madina Food and Beverage has established an ultra modern automatic factory in the BSCIC Industrial area in 2013. Mr. Parvez who is the proprietor and CEO of the company is a highly educated and experienced businessman. He is also engaged in the trading of stones, coal, rice,flour, sugar and several other products.

The Madina Food and Beverage factory, first of its kind in the greater Mymensigh district, has a processing capacity of 35 tons of bakery items per day with a baking capacity of 15 tons. Currently the factory produces 6.5 tons of bakery items per day. The products are being marketed all over Sherpur, Jamalpur, Mymensingh, Tangail and Kurigram districts through Out-lets, distributors and whole sellers. Due to the high quality of the products of Madina Food and Beverage factory, the demand for its bakery products is ever increasing and thus the company has chalked out plans to supply the products to other parts of the country and to export the products to India, Saudi Arabia and other countries in the near future.

As a part of its expansion and marketing plan, the company is going to set up a modern CHAIN Shop named Madina Super Shop (WHOLE SALE) AND MADINA COSTCUTTER (RETAIL) in Sherpur town very soon through which the products of its factory will be sold to the public.

The company has also taken a plan to produce various other items of daily use like mustard oil, spice powders, Jam, Jelly, Pickles, various drinks and allied in the near future. It has also taken up an ambitious plan to establish a modern Flour Mill at Mymensigh to meet the growing demand of high quality flour for its factory and also to market the products throughout Bangladesh.


Corporate office: House no- 47, G-1( Ground Floor)
Road No.– 20, Nikunja-2, khilkhet, Dhaka-1229

Sherpur Office: 13. Chokpathok, Sherpur Town, Sherpur-2100.

Tel: 0088-0931-62156

Trading Centre: Madina supershop, Madhabpur, Sherpur Town, Sherpur- 2100.

Tel: 0088-0931-61237

Sales point: Madina costcutter, Thana more,sherpur Town ,sherpur-2100

Overseas Office: 116 Beattyville Gardens.IG6 1JZ Ilford, UK

Tel: +447763277010

Factory: BSCIC Industrial Area, Sherpur Town, Sherpur-2100,

TEL: 0088-0931-62060

Mobile: +8801771669900, +8801919114122